How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicle and destroying it at the root.

For Laser to work the hair needs to have a higher concentration of melanin (darker pigment). It is not effective on white, blonde or grey hair.

Our system uses a revolutionary contract handpiece to reduce the energy loss via reflection. This ensures that a higher proportion of each pulse reaches the follicle which will mean less treatments are required.

You will need multiple sessions as the hair needs to be in the growth (anagen) phase.

The hair grows in 3 different phases. It takes 6-12 weeks for this cycle, therefore your treatments will be every 6-12 weeks depending on the area.

If you have sessions any earlier your treatments will not be as effective as a smaller portion of the hair will be in the active phase.

We recommend 6-8 sessions.

For majority of people, yes.

You can expect an 80% hair reduction with the remaining hair a lot finer.

We recommend maintenance sessions once or twice a year and this will continue to reduce the remaining hair and prevent any other hair coming back which can be due to hormonal imbalances or changes.

No. The excel HRs sapphire contact cooling creates a comfortable warming feeling on the skin and prevents any pain! As this device treats all skin types, the settings can be adjusted to cater for everyone.

We offer free test patches.

We recommend for you to come in for an obligation free consultation so we can assess your skin type and environmental factors before deciding if you can go ahead.

There are various contraindications such as, (most commonly) sun tans, spray tans, pregnancy and breast feeding and certain medications.

Laser Prices Single Session Pack of 6
Lip $40 $200 ($33 each)
Chin $40 $200 ($33 each)
Lip & Chin $60 $270 ($45 each)
Bikini $50 $250 ($41 each)
Extended Bikini $70 $350 ($58 each)
Brazilian $99 $425 ($82 each)
Half legs $125 $599 ($99 each)
Full legs $199 $999 ($166 each)
Half arms $80 $400 ($66 each)
Full arms $99 $500 ($83 each)
Underarms $50 $250 ($41 each)
Back $150 $750 ($125 each)
Chest $150 $750 ($125 each)


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